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Sarpsborg IL Håndball

Sarpsborg IL Håndball was one of 98 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Håndballcupen Ski 2019. They participated with three teams in Jenter 13 (født 2006), Jenter 15 (født 2004) and Jenter 16 (født 2003) respectively. Two teams played until Semi final in Slutspill A; Jenter 13 (født 2006) lost against Gulset IF by 7-12 and Jenter 15 (født 2004) lost against Larvik Turn & IF by 13-22.

Sarpsborg Håndball comes from Sarpsborg which lies approximately 42 km from Ski, where Håndballcupen Ski takes place. The area around Sarpsborg does also provide 12 additional clubs participating during Håndballcupen Ski 2019 (Among others: Herulf Moss,HK, Vestby Håndballklubb, Kråkerøy IL, Rygge HK, Son HK, Tune IL, Rolvsøy IF, HK Rygge, Flint Tønsberg Håndball AL and HK Eidsberg).

16 games played


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